I have always looked at the world like the cliche director. Hands held in front, mentally framing an image, searching for a story. Once I see the moment and I see the light, a shutter goes off in my head.

Some say the camera never lies but so many stories can be told in that hundredth of a second.

My photographic journey has taken me from my childhood home dark room to the freedom of the digital world where experimentation is cheap and learning curves are steep.

Much to the frustration of my family, rarely do I embark on an adventure without a array of camera equipment in tow. However we now live in a world where just the power of our mobile phone leaves little excuse to miss capturing a moment and capturing a memory....although don't ask me to leave the camera bag at home just yet.

After growing up in Australia I have been based in South London almost 20 years now. Despite missing a continent designed for photographers, I enjoy living in a hub of Europe and the travel opportunities that it allows.